About Munkaa

Mariyana N. (Munkaa) is from Bulgaria, Europe. Currently living in Varna, where she is about to finish her BA in Web Design. Sadly She doesn’t want to continue in this direction. Skipping the lectures over the last two years, she chooses to spend her time working as a Digital Artist. This experience unlocked new adventures for her.
Munkaa has designed some mobile games and a couple of websites (logos, banners, posters) but her true passion for making graphic motion stories remained through the years. She started drawing when she was 4 years old, that hobby of hers evolved when she discovered digital drawing and started doing video editing. After that came the interest in video making – short animations. She found a job as a 2d animator, where she did explainer videos for over 8 months.
When she is not working on a project, Munkaa spends her time watching her favorite movies (listens to music) and looking up to her favorite artist, like DAREK ZABROCKI, Mᴀʀᴄᴏ Bᴜᴄᴄɪ, Wisesnail (digital artists), Luc Besson, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg (film directors) … The list goes on.

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